Year 4 Homework

Homework will be handed out on a Thursday and will be due back the following Wednesday. Each week, homework will consist of:
  • Reading daily to an adult. Awards will be given to the children for reading at home. Reading must be recorded by an adult in the reading record.
  • Spellings.
  • Times tables using times table rockstars.
  • A maths or English task linked to learning in school. The task should take approximately 20 minutes. 
There will also be a brain builder task once per term. 
Homework can be accessed below and will not be handed out in paper form. 
Please do not feel that you have print the homework. This can be answered on a separate named piece of paper. Please let me know if you cannot access resources to record the homework and I will happily help. 
Should the homework take significantly longer than 20 minutes, please feel free to stop the activity and hand in what your child has completed in this time. 
Most weeks, there will be an optional extra for experts task to stretch and challenge children when they feel confident with the main task.
Spellings can be learnt in any way which works for you and your child. Below is a list of ideas for learning spellings. 
Each week, on a Wednesday, the children will be tested on the words that they have been learning for homework. Spelling words to learn will usually follow a spelling rule or pattern. Most weeks, there will also be 'bonus words' in the spelling test which follow the rule or pattern but were not on the list sent home. This is to ensure that the children can apply their learning to other words and thus, their writing. It is advisable to discuss the rule/pattern with your child. 
Thursday 12th May
There is one challenge for all today. Complete as much as you can. 
EFE: Create your own shapes and write the area and perimeter. You could even use lego bricks or other practical items for this!

Summer 1 Brain Builder - Atlas of Adventures 

During our Geography week at the beginning of term, we looked at the book called ‘Atlas of Adventures’ and focused on the Colorado River and the Zambezi River. 

I know you all enjoyed this learning so I am inviting you to spend a bit more time learning about these places. You could focus on the rivers as a whole, or key places along them such as the Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon or Victoria Falls. You could create a travel advert, a double page spread, a leaflet or poster.
Thursday 5th May
There are two challenges for the reading comprehension this week depending on how confident you feel.
EFE: Create a glossary for this piece of writing. 
Thursday 28th April
This week in maths, we have been learning to measure and calculate perimeter. There are 3 different challenges this week. Challenge 3 also includes an EFE challenge.
Geography Quality Mark 2017-20