What do the School Governors do?

St. Michael's Primary School governors are part of the school's leadership team. Governors have responsibility for overseeing school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and acting as a critical friend

At St.Michael's we currently have four types of Governors, representing different sections of our community:

  • Parent Governors: parents of children at the school
  • Staff Governors: members of the school staff
  • Local Authority Governors: nominated by the Local Authority                    
  • Foundation Governors: Representatives of the Diocese of Oxford and St. Michael's and All Angels Parish Council

Our headteacher is responsible for day-to-day management of the school and the strategic development of the school. The role of the Governing Body is to provide oversight of the strategic management, and to act as a "critical friend", supporting the work of the headteacher and other staff.

The school has a delegated budget to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment; the Governing Body have a role in ensuring the school budget is well managed and work closely with the Head Teacher and the School Business Manager to do this. In consultation with the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership team, they oversee how many and what types of staff to employ, which equipment to upgrade or replace and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives.

Governors must appoint the Head Teacher (in conjunction with the Local Authority and the Diocese of Oxford) and may be involved in the appointment of other staff.

Governors also have a role in monitoring the school's progress and in having knowledge of setting annual targets for the school's performance and for the headteacher (and ensuring that the headteacher sets targets for other staff).

Foundation schools, such as St. Michael's, act as their own admissions authorities. In such schools the governing body, in consultation with the Head Teacher, sets the admissions policy, makes admissions decisions and defends admissions appeals.

All of the Governors are volunteers who give freely of their time, skills and energy by attending regular Full Governors and specialist Committee meetings. They also attend school events and visiting various classes, joining in with lessons and the life of the school and undertaking the necessary training to fulfil their role.

If you are interested in becoming a School Governor, please do not hesitate to approach any of our Governors for further information.

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