08.30am – 08.50am Registration is open

08.50am – 09.00am Your child will be marked as ‘Late’.

09.00am Onwards your child is marked as ‘Unauthorised Late’. This mark will count towards the absence record.

If your child is unwell or will not be attending School for any reason please contact the school before 9am and leave a message on the absence line answer phone. If we do not hear from you, your child will be marked as ‘Unauthorised Absent’ and this will effect their attendance levels.

We believe that good attendance is the key to good learning outcomes.

We do not authorise term-time holidays unless the circumstances are exceptional. Each case is decided on its own merits, by the Headteacher, without reference to decisions made in relation to other children or families.

Attendance is tracked and monitored by school and the local authority. At the end of each term attendance data will be gathered and letters will be sent outlining the following:

  • If you child/children’s attendance falls below 90% indicating this is automatically flagged up with our Educational Welfare Officer.
  • If your child/children’s attendance falls between 90% - 95% we will be looking for attendance to improve aiming for 95% and above.
  • If you child/children’s attendance is 95% or above your child will receive a certificate to celebrate excellent attendance.  
Please see below images on understanding the impact of missing education and also a letter and flowchart explaining our procedures.
Geography Quality Mark 2017-20