Comments and Suggestions

To encourage parents to build a bond of trust with teachers and governors a ‘Suggestion Box’ will be
available to parents and carers to comment on things, both positive and negative, about the school, and, to put forward their ideas on how St Michael’s School could surpass its vision statement: ‘learning together through, love, friendship, forgiveness and faith.’
The suggestion box is located on an outside wall, close to the entrance door that leads into school, from the playground. It will be opened regularly during each term by two governors. They will then present your ideas and comments at the next governing body or committee meeting. We would like to respond to every comment or idea left, but can only do this if a name is supplied. Anonymous comments will not be taken to the governing body. A form has been specifically created for this purpose and can be downloaded from the link below. Once completed, put it in the box. Spare copies of the form will also be available from the school office.
The governing body values your comments and recognises your commitment to the school and the part you play in making it such a friendly place in which all children can flourish and be the best they can be. We encourage you to use this resource and make it even better.
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