Year 6 Manor Adventure Information

Can my child bring a disposable camera?
No, adults will take pictures of children and we will share these with you after. We will remind children that if they want a specific photo taken, they can ask their adult.
Will my child need to bring any food?
Just a packed lunch for the journey there, preferable in a disposable bag. They do not need any extra snacks.
Will there be other schools there?
Yes, but we have sole use of the accommodation and there will be a keypad lock on the door. 
What time to we arrive back?
We aim to arrive back by 5pm, depending on traffic. We will keep you informed.
Do we need to get to school early?
No, we leave at 9.30 so normal time is fine. 
Do we need to provide Calpol 'just in case'?
No, we will bring some. Please let us know if your child cannot have Calpol for any reason.
What if my child need medication?
We will provide a form to complete in the week before the trip. You can send this in with relevant medication throughout that week, or on the morning of the trip.
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